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Pradedant e-komercija ir baigiant vasaros festivaliais, nuo rinkodaros iki klientų aptarnavimo, pokalbių robotai tapo naudinga ir visuotinai pripažinta komunikacijos priemone.

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Pokalbių robotai sėkmingai naudojami įvairiose industrijose

Chatbotai e-komercijai

Scale your ecommerce business by implementing a smart ecommerce chatbot that can handle product recommendations and customer support around-the-clock. Provide latest updates on order confirmations, shipment, delivery status, collections and cancellations. Increase sales on your website and improve your brand experience.
Recommended features:
  • Messenger chatbot shopping
  • Virtual assistant for product selection
  • Order status tracking
  • Assistant for FAQ (NLP/NLU)

Chatbotai klinikoms

Offer a personalized and a satisfactory customer experience, better patient pathways and medication management. Help patients schedule appointments and consultations directly through the chatbot. Reduce healthcare professionals’ workload as well as patient waiting and consultation time and improve the efficiency and quality of patient care delivery.
Recommended features:
  • Registration for visits and management
  • Personalised health tests and quizes
  • Virtual consulting
  • Automatic surveys

Chatbotai draudimui

Increase customer awareness and educate your prospects about the insurance benefits. Increase your brand’s interaction and engagement through omni-channel conversational marketing and save time and reduce costs by automating FAQ. Moreover, chatbots can help you increase your insurance sales by automating your lead generation process.
Recommended features:
  • Personalised quote calculators
  • Insurance event declarations
  • Account updates, reminders and care
  • Assistant for FAQ (NLP/NLU)

Chatbotai darbuotojų paieškai

Get more applicants and improve the recruitment workflow with a chatbot. Fully automate the intake and segmentation of new job applicants. Recruitment chatbot, combined with Facebook ads performance marketing, will help you reach target audiences, automate initial questionnaires and minimize cost per application.

Recommended features:
  • Interactive job applications
  • Assistant for FAQ
  • Automatic questionnaires
  • Registration for interviews

Chatbotai telekomunikacijoms

Create a convenient customer experience that builds a personal relationship. Gather information about the customer, provide troubleshoots and collect feedback. Optimize and reduce telecommunication professionals’ workload by automating simple tasks and FAQs.
Recommended features:
  • Interactive lead generation
  • Fast automatic answer to frequently asked questions
  • Nearest store location
  • Account and billing management via chatbot

Vidiniai įmonių chatbotai

Save time, money and resources with automated workflows and manuals. Make onboarding your new employees smooth using a chatbot that can guide and provide essential information. Ensure frequent updates for employees, centralize information, optimize recruitment, handle vacation requests and more.
Recommended features:
  • Virtual assistant
  • Onboarding guides and tutorials
  • Employee feedback collection
  • Dynamic company updates and reminders

Chatbotai institucijoms

Streamline support, increase admissions and automate processes by leveraging conversational bots for governmental institutions. Provide relevant information and customer support 24/7 and lower operational costs at the same time!
Recommended features:
  • Fast automatic answers to questions
  • Chatbot lead registration to consultations
  • Nearest location provider and guidance
  • Chatbot guidance for documents and procedures

Chatbotai startuoliams

Save time by automation FAQ about your software. Provide troubleshoots, real-time network status updates and self-service across different channels. Engage with website visitors and social media subscribers, provide product advice and gather leads.
Recommended features:
  • Customer on-boarding
  • Technical virtual assistant
  • Automatic user surveys
  • Engaging lead generation and sales chatbot

Chatbotai logistikai

Handle incoming questions about your services. Provide your customer with real-time updates on the parcel status progress. Automate questions and customer service inquiries reducing time needed from your customer service team.
Recommended features:
  • Shipment status tracking
  • Nearest service location
  • Delivery status notifications
  • Assistant for FAQ (NLP/NLU)

Chatbotai restoranams

Automatically respond to messages sent to your restaurant. Automate FAQs, booking reservations and ordering food. No matter how busy your restaurant is, your staff can focus on serving, while chatbot takes care of the messaging. Introduce your customers with the special menu options before they even get to your restaurant.
Recommended features:
  • Automated food ordering with chatbot
  • Restaurant table reservations
  • Dynamic food menus
  • Assistant for FAQ (NLP/NLU)

Chatbotai auto centrams ir nuomai

Automate lead generation and customer service for Car Dealer Center on social media and your website. Demonstrate available inventory, automate test drive booking, recommend a vehicle, provide details and specs via chatbot. Turn on your autopilot!
Recommended features:
  • Virtual assistant
  • Interactive car showcase
  • Test drive booking system
  • Access to product information

Chatbotai salonams

Deploy chatbot for your salon to assist customers and prospects with booking an appointment. Instantly answer their questions, help them find the salon, showcase your services, advice on different styles, suggest tips and recommend products. Be available 24/7 and never miss a client again.
Recommended features:
  • Assistant for FAQ
  • Appointment booking system
  • Customer feedback collector
  • Services and products showcase

Chatbotai sporto komandoms

Interact with your fans on an even more personal level. Be where your fans are, automate FAQs, engage them with rich and interactive content, sell more tickets, merchandise and pay-per-view subscriptions. Enhance your fan engagement!
Recommended features:
  • Dynamic score updates
  • Integrated merchandise shop
  • Virtual assistant
  • Interactive event calendar


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